Growing up free

There’s a new hyphenated life in the making: daughter and son-in-law Anne and Sean Edison-Albright are expecting a baby (lovingly nicknamed Scooter) in mid-October.  Yesterday, at their 20-week doctor’s appointment, an ultrasound revealed a healthy baby with all the right baby parts, and it revealed the baby’s sex.

I pause now for an encouraging word. Helping a child grow up free is an awesome job for parents and the “village” surrounding the family. It’s a complicated dance to navigate tradition, norms, expectations and limitations and to help the child you love grow into all that God intends.

Thirty years after our debut as parents, Annie and Sean will find some “Growing Up Free” dance steps easier and some more complicated. They’ll do their best and that’s darn good. “Scooter” is already surrounded by a very large and loving village–Albrights, Edisons, Swifts, Redeemer Lutheran, St. Luke’s Lutheran, friends, friends and more friends.

If you wonder if “Scooter” will be our granddaughter or grandson, visit Annie and Sean’s baby blog, Like We Invented It. You can always find the links to their latest posts on the right-hand side of this blog.

Shown here, “Scooter’s” 20-Week picture. Awesome.

P.S. Some of you may be stopping by the blog for details of other good news, soon to be revealed.  Don’t worry, all is well.

Sue Edison-Swift (6/1/2011)



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10 Responses to Growing up free

  1. Kathleen West says:

    Congratulations to the entire Albright Edison-Swift families! I am so happy for you.

  2. Kathryn says:

    As an (older) child, I recall seeing a book titled something like “Raising Smart, Independent Daughters” in my family’s garage sale once. I’d like to think it was selected for garage-sale-dom because my parents had learned all they needed to know on the subject, and not because they were giving up. 🙂 Congratulations to Scooter’s parents and grandparents and here’s to many forthcoming discussions of parenting strategies!

  3. Cecile Scott says:

    Exciting News!! Congrats to all

  4. JB Bishop says:

    Congratulations Sue and Paul,
    I read Annie’s baby blog yesterday, how exciting for all of you. How far a drive is it to visit them? I’m sure it will be hard to stay away once that little one comes. I won’t reveal the sex but will keep reading to learn the name.
    Love you,

    • sue says:

      Thanks, JB! When I think about Annie’s childhood I always picture Heather. When I remember Middleton, I picture you and Maureen and Sibba. Wasn’t it grand? Stevens Point is 4.5 hours from Park Ridge, but keep reading…soon and very soon more will be revealed! Love, S.

  5. Maureen Murphy says:

    So thrilled for you all. Such a modern way to hear the news Annie is expecting! I would expect nothing less from your clan. Love the photo from Cedar Trail – truly the “good old days”!

    • sue says:

      I’m thinking of you a lot these days, Maureen! Come back to and you’ll see why–I’m headed back to Wisconsin! Love and hugs, S.

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