Fear Not! A reflection on Christmas Gift Giving

This photo of three-year-old me with my mom, my beloved stuffed kitty and my First Book of Prayers, illustrated my December 2008 article in Lutheran Woman Today (now Gather) magazine, titled “Susie Says, Fear Not!  A Reflection on Christmas Gift Giving.” The article considers what the Angels of Christmas Presents Past and Christmas Presents Future have to teach about Christmas Presents present.  Here’s the article as a Word doc and archived web page.

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3 Responses to Fear Not! A reflection on Christmas Gift Giving

  1. Annie says:

    This is right up there with my all-time favorite articles. I love the “knowing looks.”

  2. Cecile Swift Lippitt says:

    Wow! Annie and Walter both wanted a candy cane : )

  3. Cecile Swift Lippitt says:

    Ps: the “open presents early” phenomenon is definitely a Swiftie trait. It was fun to read this story again. Thanks Susie!

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