• Come, Lord Jesus: Devotions, Prayer Journal and Prayerful Coloring for Advent and Christmas. Booklet created for Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS), 2015. Request free print copies and download pages from LSS webpage. Full-booklet PDF (print double sided, flipping on short edge).
  • “Let Go and Let God,” in “Adages” section of The Lutheran magazine, July 2015, p. 20. PDF
  • “Living Hope: Funeral Hymns and Texts,” a Women of the ELCA program for congregational groups.  PDF
  • “Resurrection reminders carried on butterfly wings,” Lutheran Woman Today, April 2011, pp. 20–21. PDF, DOC, or find online with photos and videos at
  • Sustaining, satisfying thankfulness,” posted on November 30, 2010, on The Lutheran E-newsletter.  PDF, DOC
  • “ELCA Missionary Stories: Thanks be to God!” Lutheran Woman Today, November 2010, pp. 22–23. PDF, DOC
  • “Life-Changing Grace” posted on October 9, 2010, on PDF
  • “Family Crisis,” Family Computing, December 1986. PDF
  • 20 Questions for Storytelling,” posted July 18, 2010, on the Hand in Hand Blog Digest. PDF, DOC
  • “While chasing down a sponsorship story, the Runner’s Club caught me,” Seeds for the Parish, July-August 2010, p. 4. PDF
  • “God’s Work, Our Hands” (Malawi), Lutheran Woman Today, July/August 2009, pp. 6–8. PDF, DOC
  • “Susie Says, Fear Not! A Reflection on Christmas Gift Giving,” Lutheran Woman Today, December 2008, pp. 18–21.  PDF, DOC
  • “Spring of Living Water” (Peru), Lutheran Woman Today, June 2007, pp. 20–21.  PDF, DOC
  • “‘Go and do likewise’ with ELCA World Hunger,” Seeds for the Parish, May-June 2007, p.1. PDF
  • “Fat Stoppers Evangelism,” Lutheran Woman Today, April 1993, pp. 38-40. PDF.

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    beautiful job, sue. the photos are unbelievable!!

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