Park Ridge condoToday we closed on the Park Ridge condo.

What does this mean (WDTM)?

It means Paul and I get to live together again. Last weekend, Paul moved into the “Crick” apartment and furnishings moved into storage.

It means a financial weight is lifted off our shoulders. It means we weathered our “up close and personal” economic downturn without missing a payment.

It means I’ve moved for realsies. I won’t be going home for a Park Ridge weekend.

It means that Paul will work remotely on a three-month trial basis, commuting to the churchwide office a couple of times a month. That’s a 4.5 hour round-trip commute.

It means…well, time will tell.

As always, thanks for the love.

Sue Edison-Swift
    Jan. 30, 2012

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2 Responses to WDTM?

  1. Laurel Hensel says:

    Happy memories at 911 Busse, and now we’ll look forward to making new ones at the Crick. Distance cannot separate sisters. Love, Laurel

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