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Daughter Annie, grandson Walter and granddaughter Sally stayed with us over the weekend. Sleeping on a cot in our bedroom, Walter (2.5 years) woke up sobbing at 2 a.m. “The PIGGIES!” he wailed. “I’m scared of the piggies!” “You’re having … Continue reading

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Christmas Bagel

Two-year-old Walter and I had fun making up a song about a fictitious Christmas treat. Christmas Bagel was red and green. It was delicious, the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. CHRISTMAS BAGEL! We love Christmas Bagel. Happy, happy, happy Christmas … Continue reading

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Doot-Doot Cake

Tonight I made Chocolate Chip Zucchini cake,* torn from the Penzeys.com Early Summer catalog. Walter helped me with the last step: adding a bag of chocolate chips to the top of the batter. I gave him a quick demonstration. “Doot. Doo. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

Prepare to be charmed by 18-month-old Walter.

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Let there be cake

Last week, Paul and I celebrated grandson Walter’s six-month birthday. There was cake. Walter is an easy going, happy baby, as this video demonstrates. Even with pink eye and soon-to-be ear infections, Walter giggles. Walter is an off-the-chart amazing baby, as … Continue reading

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