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Thanksgiving present

In her “Pass the Thanksgiving” essay,* the late, great Marj Leegard gave sage advice for enjoying the holiday for what it is, not what it used to be, not what it could be. “Memories have a way of bundling together … Continue reading

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Hand Washing: A Maundy Thursday Devotion

It was 2 p.m. on a hot, dry day in Malawi.* Already, the three of us representing ELCA World Hunger had visited a savings and credit cooperative, seen life-saving wells, and witnessed a goat project, piggery, and community seed bank. … Continue reading

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Best Gift

Sister-friend Laurel shared a blog post by Jonathan Liu being passed around Facebook. He writes about the “5 Best Toys of All Time.” Like many a Sunday sermon, once I get the gist my mind wanders. I got the gist of … Continue reading

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End times

Between birds falling out of the sky, the Mayan calendar (corroborated by the movie 2012) and “that guy” who is nominating 2011 as *the* year, there seems to be extra end-of-the-world buzz going around. What goes around comes around. You may … Continue reading

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Fear Not! A reflection on Christmas Gift Giving

This photo of three-year-old me with my mom, my beloved stuffed kitty and my First Book of Prayers, illustrated my December 2008 article in Lutheran Woman Today (now Gather) magazine, titled “Susie Says, Fear Not!  A Reflection on Christmas Gift Giving.” The … Continue reading

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