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If you’re going to use my name, get it right

The other day, a Ranger Rick subscription offer arrived our mailbox, a print version of a cold sales call. No doubt the National Wildlife Federation, publisher of Ranger Rick magazines, got our name by purchasing a list of recent subscribers … Continue reading

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“How did it go?” my college roommate asked about my first official date with Paul. “Do you like him?” “Great. Great. He’s great,” I replied. “I wouldn’t marry him, though, who would want to be Susie Swift?” Contrary to the … Continue reading

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Hyphen8d2: The Next Generation

by Anne Edison-Albright Mom wrote: “At my wedding shower, the hot topic of conversation was ‘What will your children do if they marry someone else with a hyphenated last name?’ Since my question was ‘What in the world am I … Continue reading

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