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Our hyphenated year: 2018 in pictures

Christmas and New Year’s blessings to you! Browse below, or click here (bit.ly/2018esphotos) to see the photos. For even more pictures click here.

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2018 Epiphany Letter

Last year, which felt like a decade shoved into 365 days, wasn’t all bad. We share our highlights, below. At the end of the post, find a slide show of a few of our favorite pictures from 2017.

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If you’re going to use my name, get it right

The other day, a Ranger Rick subscription offer arrived our mailbox, a print version of a cold sales call. No doubt the National Wildlife Federation, publisher of Ranger Rick magazines, got our name by purchasing a list of recent subscribers … Continue reading

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2015 Thanksgiving Card

Click on the family picture to enlarge the panel and read through the card. To download, print and share the Advent/Christmas devotional booklet mentioned above, save this PDF and print double sided, flipping on the short edge. To print out just the prayer … Continue reading

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2014 Christmas Greetings e-Edition

December 2014 Dearests, We jumped on a Thanksgiving-weekend promotion to create this Christmas card, to double as a “We’ve Moved” announcement.  The e-edition you are reading now offers additional “hyphenated life” news.   While setting up the tripod for the … Continue reading

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2014 Edison-Swift Christmas Card

Greetings from Paul and Sue, pictured here with Annie and Sean, Walter (3 in October), Sally (1 in August) and Hank-the-Dog. This card doubles as a “We’ve Moved” announcement. In June, we bought a house. Our new address: 617 Chadwick … Continue reading

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2013 Christmas Greetings

Falalalala 2013   On August 22, baby Sally arrived, falalalala, la-la-la-la. On November 3, she was baptized, falalalala, la-la-la-la. On November 4, Annie’s gallbladder was removed, falalalala, la-la-la-la. Thank goodness, her health is much improved, falalalala, la-la-ah-ah. Walter, now two, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Christmas Tree

It was beastly cold, several degrees below zero, the day Paul and I walked to the Christmas tree lot two blocks from our apartment to purchase our first hyphenated-life Christmas tree. I was drawn to the slender trees with spaced-out … Continue reading

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Let there be cake

Last week, Paul and I celebrated grandson Walter’s six-month birthday. There was cake. Walter is an easy going, happy baby, as this video demonstrates. Even with pink eye and soon-to-be ear infections, Walter giggles. Walter is an off-the-chart amazing baby, as … Continue reading

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Walt’s Picture Book

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