Shower of blessings

Thank God for husband Paul, who has earned so many hyphenated-life points caring for me that he qualifies for the grand palooza of “to be determined” prizes. He’s my hero.

Thank God for Park Ridge Community Church’s Medical Loan Closet.  Because of them, I have use of a wheelchair and a showering chair.

Thank God for my friend (and talented graphic designer) Ann Rezny who loaned me a transport wheelchair (pivots on a dime) and a walker. She said, “people with chronic mobility issues feel an obligation to assist people with temporary problems.”

Thank God for Lisa Bonds, Emily Sollie, the creative services team and other Lutheran World Relief colleagues who are graciously accommodating my “differently abled-ness” and allowing me to complete my short-term contract from home. If I am able to travel back to Baltimore for a final week or two, Ed Rudzinski, the most awesome general manager of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel, called to tell me that I am welcome back at the third-party discount rate that allowed me to stay there in the first place.

My “Big Joey” splint-cast has been replaced by a high-tech, knee-high boot that I’ve named “Darth.” Darth’s big advantage is it can be removed for showering. My exposed foot, though, looks and feels so vulnerable, I was hesitant. Then I remembered the walking shoe in the back of the closet; it was purchased after a sprain 10 years ago. The walking shoe makes my foot feel protected in the shower and if it gets wet, no problem.

As a result, I am now showered and powdered and dressed. Alleluia!

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