Sam’s Photo Session

The Edison-Albrights, including Hank-the-Dog, were visiting, so we asked for help taking a picture with Sam-the-Dog. Eight photos illustrate how it went. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

1. Trying to get Sam (far left) to sit between us for a picture, Hank jumps up to show Sam how it’s done.

2. For a moment we had both dogs between us. Sam near Paul, Hank near Sue.

3. Then both dogs bailed.

4. Yea! Sam’s in position. Look at Annie, Sam!

5. Sean tries to get Sam’s attention with a treat. He gets Hank’s attention.

6. While Sam ignores the treat, Hank (below) is focused on it.

7. Sam wonders what Hank is doing. Hank keeps his eyes on the [treat] prize.

8. We gave up on the over-the-couch shot and Annie captured this one.

Hi, I’m Sam.

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