Remembering Jason

Today would have been my nephew Jason Belodoff’s 36th birthday. Four years after his death by suicide, his mother, Cecile Scott, placed this notice in the Cortland Standard newspaper.  His sister, Lisa Belodoff, remembers Jason on Facebook. Their grief will never go away; they will never “get over it.”

Birthdays are a time to remember.

I remember February 8, 1975.  I was with Paul when his sister Marianne called to announce Jason’s arrival. As I celebrated with Paul I had a feeling that his family would become my family.

I remember the sweet affection Lisa and Jason showed Annie, their little cousin. Ring around the Rosy, again and again (“Guys! Guys! I want to play mit you!) and “The Three Bass” creative drama are captured on videotape. Pictures of face paints, football gear, wrestling figures are kept in my photo albums and memory.

With each birth, with each death, the family is forever changed.  It’s good to remember.

–Sue Edison-Swift (2/8/2011)

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  1. Annie says:

    Still feel like that little kid chasing after Jason; missing him very much. Today is a good day indeed to remember him. Thanks for posting, Mom.

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