Mayo 2, home again

We’re so glad to have gone to Mayo Clinic and we’re so glad to be back home, just two appointment days later. We are assured we’re on the way to an answer. Those of you who watched the TV show “House” will recall the term “differential diagnosis,” which is what’s up with determining the cause of Paul’s headaches.

This morning’s ophthalmology appointment ruled out a pressure problem with fluid in the brain and avoided the need for a spinal tap (yea!). Last night’s MRI of Paul’s neck confirmed some arthritis. If an occipital nerve block (done locally) and physiotherapy to strengthen the neck stop the headache, than the arthritis is the culprit. If that doesn’t do it, then the diagnosis comes down to “primary cough headache.” Paul has started a preventative medication that can take three months to kick in. If that works, it’s a vote for “primary cough headache.”

We’ve unpacked the clothes (winter, spring, workout), the three computers and an iPad , the printer/scanner/fax, Paul’s bag o’ work, Sue’s bag o’ work and Sue’s bag of cookbooks for recreational reading. We brought home what’s left of the bag of double stuff blonde Oreos which the doctor didn’t order but seemed salutary given the circumstances, anyway.

Should Paul cough tonight, he’ll still get a headache, but maybe new knowledge will help take the edge off the pain. I hope so.

Off to bed for Paul and Sue. Tomorrow’s a work day.

God bless us, everyone!


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