Word has it the U.S. Post Office will stop Saturday delivery in August.

The generation gap between my daughter and me has a stamp on it.

The generation gap between my daughter and me has a stamp on it.

This makes me sad. The fact I’m sad makes me old. It seems I’m among the last generation to consider it an obligation to check the mailbox on mail days.

Not that I get much mail, anymore. Catalogs. Coupons. Bills. Magazines. Save the date postcards followed by wedding invitations. Thank you notes from my friend Laurel. Christmas cards in January. Packages from Lands End. Appeal letters. Once a year, I get a smattering of birthday cards.

But what I do get is enough. It’s enough to make me anticipate going to the mailbox. It’s enough to make me disappointed when I open the mailbox forgetting it’s a federal holiday. It’s enough to make me think about the “good old days” when the mail was delivered on Saturday.

God bless us, everyone.

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  1. Laurel Hensel says:

    Yes! Yes! Everyday. But the next generation has lost the fun of the anticipation. Or maybe they can’t stand the deferred gratification. Either way, they’ve lost one of life’s little fun moments.

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