Enough for today

27And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?  31Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ 32 …Your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 34“So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.  (Matthew 6:27, 31—32, 34)

After seeking advice and counsel and deciding that life is too short to live apart for very long, Paul and I have put our Park Ridge condo up for sale.

Area realtors are being invited to tour the condo today (July 18).  It’s been priced to sell, although it will likely take three or four months to complete the sale. We’ll make use of this time to figure out what will fit in our Johnson Creek apartment, find storage for “keep” stuff and donate or sell the rest. The condo will be Paul’s home base during this transition time; he’ll drive up for weekends.

Check out the “condo for sale” Web page that Paul created (http://sue.edison-swift.com/911busse/). It includes photos and a video tour of the condo along with the floor plan and features.

I’ll finish my contract project with Bethesda on July 29 and finish physical therapy on August 4. On August 5, we’ll start moving in to the Johnson Creek apartment, which is 15–20 minutes from Bethesda. On August 12, Annie and Sean will celebrate their fifth anniversary. Paul and I will celebrate 35 years of hyphenated life on August 14. On August 15, I report for my first official day as Corporate Director of Marketing and Communications.

In 1988, we moved from progressive Madison to conservative Park Ridge. I predicted that I could live here 30 years and still feel like an outsider. I’m glad I didn’t put money on that. I have deep ties to St. Luke’s, our congregation, especially the Chancel choir. After 22 years, there’s a part of my identity that will always be named “ELCA Churchwide Office.” And, there are dear, dear friends that will always have a part of my heart.  Older and wiser, I know that as I move to Watertown, I will find community and develop a loyal identity as a Bethesda Lutheran Communities staff person. Indeed, I told Laura Reilly, my new boss, that as my first anniversary approaches, I want people to say “You’ve only been here a year? It seems like you’ve been at Bethesda forever.”

In 1999, we downsized when we sold our home on Lincoln Ave. and moved 1 ½ blocks to Delphia Ave. In 2005, we downsized when we sold the house on Delphia and moved to the condo. This move is going to test our imaginations and remind us that “things are just things.” I’m encouraged by hearing both daughter Annie and Izetta (our realtor) affirm that we turn every place we’ve lived in to our home. Annie calls it “Edison-Swiftizing.”

There are more questions, of course, like “After Paul moves to Wisconsin, where will he work?” That’s a worry for tomorrow.

Transition mercies,
Sue Edison-Swift


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10 Responses to Enough for today

  1. Faith Fretheim says:

    Sue, these next words are words you well know I mean from the heart because I have lived them so often . . . . Each transition and leaving is painful; each new place presents an incredible opportunity and joy. How many times have Terry and I done this – for a year, for four years, for six months, for three months, for?????????? We are so alike in many ways; so fly as you have fflown all these years!

    • sue says:

      Faith, you are a role model and inspiration! I am known to remind Annie, “fly, little chickie!” and now she joins you in reminding me to “fly, mama hen!”

  2. Faith Fretheim says:

    Sue, too bad I can’t spell flown!

  3. Laurel Hensel says:

    Good thing your heart is big enough to leave a bit of it behind everywhere you go. I trust this next downsizing is only temporary, and you’ll re-nest again down the road in a place worthy to call home for a very long time. And a place large enough for visitors, because I’m on my way!

    • sue says:

      Wise words, sister-friend! There will be a place for you in Johnson Creek (known to insiders as simply “Crick”) and in the homes to come!

  4. Lisa Auter says:

    Bless you and Paul during this transition. I have found comfort in knowing (as you know, I’m sure) that the Lord walks with you during trials and walks with you as you walk out of the trials. Today, on the radio, I heard that earthly challenges are ways in which God grows us into beautiful flowers. I will be praying you sell your condo quickly and that Paul finds a happy, sustaining future with you in WI. All my love.

  5. Linda Janssen Gjere says:

    … life is too short to live apart for very long … absolutely!
    transition mercies … and your own graceful reflection lead us on … through our own less-dramatic transitions …
    thanks always for your sharing, insight, self!

  6. Nancy Stelling says:

    Oh, Sue . . .

    I’ve thought of you and Paul so often since I read the “breaking news” of your hyphenated life. And I’ll continue to think of you as you move to your new life. You’ll be sojourners in the land, and that’s good–because God always cares for the sojourner.

    When I read your blog, I had just finished reading the book “Strength in What Remains” (by Tracy Kidder). As an opening inscription, it uses these words from a Wordsworth poem I’ve always loved:

    “Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower;
    We will grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind;
    In the primal sympathy
    Which having been must ever be;
    In the soothing thoughts that spring
    Out of human suffering;
    In the faith that looks through death,
    In years that bring the philosophic mind.”

    And it made me think of you and Paul. Of how much strength you have that goes along with you–in your souls, your wonderful grace-filled humor, your very beings. And how good to decide that ‘life is too short to live apart for very long.” That’s a philosphic view with some real sweetness! Bless you for that.

    And blessings on the journey as it moves along.


  7. Valora Starr says:

    Hey Sue,

    It’s a new day Baby! and if anybody can do it you can! Faith and Terry made it look easy. What role models. You are the kind of gift that must be shared… no worries… God’s got this… enjoy the journey… it’s all good!

    Love ya,

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