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On butterfly wings

This post combines the text from “Resurrection Reminder,” my article in the April 2011 issue of Lutheran Woman Today, now Gather magazine, with photos and videos of monarch caterpillars and butterflies.—Sue Butterflies are symbols of Christ’s resurrection.  I know why. After a worship … Continue reading

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Amazing Sally

Almost five months old, Sally is finding her voice. Here she’s vocalizing while I’m humming Amazing Grace. Sally Bug, throughout your life, I hope you always confidently communicate. You have a beautiful voice. Love, Umma (1/18/2014)

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Christmas Bagel

Two-year-old Walter and I had fun making up a song about a fictitious Christmas treat. Christmas Bagel was red and green. It was delicious, the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. CHRISTMAS BAGEL! We love Christmas Bagel. Happy, happy, happy Christmas … Continue reading

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Doot-Doot Cake

Tonight I made Chocolate Chip Zucchini cake,* torn from the Early Summer catalog. Walter helped me with the last step: adding a bag of chocolate chips to the top of the batter. I gave him a quick demonstration. “Doot. Doo. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

Prepare to be charmed by 18-month-old Walter.

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Annie’s Song of Community

Paul recorded four-year-old Annie singing a made-up song, a song we’ve come to call “Annie’s song of Community.” Find the video clip at Annie’s Song of Community Hello, hello, how are you doing? Hello, hello, hello! How are you … Continue reading

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