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From your baby book

A MESSAGE FROM MY PARENTS March 28, 1981 (You are 10 weeks old) Dearest Anne, When we look down on your precious face, we are filled with many hopes and dreams for you. We hope you will be a happy … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving present

In her “Pass the Thanksgiving” essay,* the late, great Marj Leegard gave sage advice for enjoying the holiday for what it is, not what it used to be, not what it could be. “Memories have a way of bundling together … Continue reading

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The Straight Scoop on Donating after a Disaster

For some reason you are motivated to help after a disaster, nearby or far away, natural or human caused. Thank you. The need is great. The first thing you need to do, though, is think. Think about how you can … Continue reading

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The Decorah Chapter

On August 17, we’ll move out of our home in Watertown, Wisconsin. On September 1 we’ll take possession of our new home in Decorah, Iowa. The Graebel moving van will pull-up sometime between September 2 and 10. Why are we … Continue reading

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Let Go and Let God

Graphic: Kathryn Brewer /The Lutheran As a piece of popular theology, “Let go and let God” is trite and profound, hurtful and helpful. It is hurtful when served with a side of “get over it already” or “you just have … Continue reading

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Daughter Annie, grandson Walter and granddaughter Sally stayed with us over the weekend. Sleeping on a cot in our bedroom, Walter (2.5 years) woke up sobbing at 2 a.m. “The PIGGIES!” he wailed. “I’m scared of the piggies!” “You’re having … Continue reading

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Remembering Aunt Sally

Click here to read the remembrance Annie shared at Aunt Sally’s funeral. Tender blessings, Sue  

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Mayo 2, home again

We’re so glad to have gone to Mayo Clinic and we’re so glad to be back home, just two appointment days later. We are assured we’re on the way to an answer. Those of you who watched the TV show … Continue reading

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Mayo, Part 1

We just returned to the hotel after Paul’s first appointment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. How did we get here? Last year sometime, Paul started getting headaches when he coughed, sneezed or bent over. In December-January-February, a case of … Continue reading

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Word has it the U.S. Post Office will stop Saturday delivery in August. This makes me sad. The fact I’m sad makes me old. It seems I’m among the last generation to consider it an obligation to check the mailbox … Continue reading

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