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If you’re going to use my name, get it right

The other day, a Ranger Rick subscription offer arrived our mailbox, a print version of a cold sales call. No doubt the National Wildlife Federation, publisher of Ranger Rick magazines, got our name by purchasing a list of recent subscribers … Continue reading

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“We need more young [volunteers, donors, subscribers, participants]!” Whenever I hear some version of “we need young,” I usually counter with, “No, we need new.” New is not necessarily young. If your organization’s current base skews over 70, instead of running … Continue reading

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Under Over

“Under promise and over deliver,” former boss Kristi Bangert taught me. It’s a lesson I immediately took to heart. Examples of under promising and over delivery: If a quarterly newsletter will be mailed in February, date it “Spring.”  While no … Continue reading

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Don’t be cheap with the cupcakes

Long ago and far away, the perfect cupcakes were ordered for a celebration at a convention. Since the cupcakes were expensive and the budget was tight, it was important to order just enough. Unfortunately, on the night of the celebration … Continue reading

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Organizational Underwear

Yippie Skippy! My nonprofit marketing and fundraising hero Katya Andresen features this blog post in her 4/30/2013 Advice Carnival. Please visit and share the link. For related posts, filter for the category “On-the-Job Lessons.” Blessings! Sue When asked to create … Continue reading

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