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Our hyphenated year: 2018 in pictures

Christmas and New Year’s blessings to you! Browse below, or click here ( to see the photos. For even more pictures click here.

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2018 Epiphany Letter

Last year, which felt like a decade shoved into 365 days, wasn’t all bad. We share our highlights, below. At the end of the post, find a slide show of a few of our favorite pictures from 2017.

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Things: A mother’s lesson

When my mother was young, maybe 11 or 12, her family’s farmhouse burned to the ground. Mom, along with her mom, dad, and baby sister, Sally, got out with their lives and a basket of clean clothes. It was the … Continue reading

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Come, Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus: Devotions, Prayer Journal and Prayerful Coloring for Advent and Christmas is a booklet I created for and with Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS).  It includes seven devotions linked to the Sunday before Advent, the four Sundays of Advent, … Continue reading

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2014 Christmas Greetings e-Edition

December 2014 Dearests, We jumped on a Thanksgiving-weekend promotion to create this Christmas card, to double as a “We’ve Moved” announcement.  The e-edition you are reading now offers additional “hyphenated life” news.   While setting up the tripod for the … Continue reading

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2014 Edison-Swift Christmas Card

Greetings from Paul and Sue, pictured here with Annie and Sean, Walter (3 in October), Sally (1 in August) and Hank-the-Dog. This card doubles as a “We’ve Moved” announcement. In June, we bought a house. Our new address: 617 Chadwick … Continue reading

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2013 Christmas Greetings

Falalalala 2013   On August 22, baby Sally arrived, falalalala, la-la-la-la. On November 3, she was baptized, falalalala, la-la-la-la. On November 4, Annie’s gallbladder was removed, falalalala, la-la-la-la. Thank goodness, her health is much improved, falalalala, la-la-ah-ah. Walter, now two, … Continue reading

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Christmas Bagel

Two-year-old Walter and I had fun making up a song about a fictitious Christmas treat. Christmas Bagel was red and green. It was delicious, the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. CHRISTMAS BAGEL! We love Christmas Bagel. Happy, happy, happy Christmas … Continue reading

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Elna Borgen’s Date Balls (Gluten Free)

Long ago and not so far away–Central (now Covenant) Lutheran in Stoughton, Wis.–my mother’s circle participated in the congregation’s Holiday Bazaar. Donated crafts, doll clothes, cookies, candy, popcorn balls and Christmas decorations were sold at low, church-basement prices. Lunch was … Continue reading

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The Perfect Christmas Tree

It was beastly cold, several degrees below zero, the day Paul and I walked to the Christmas tree lot two blocks from our apartment to purchase our first hyphenated-life Christmas tree. I was drawn to the slender trees with spaced-out … Continue reading

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