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Sister-friend Laurel shared a blog post by Jonathan Liu being passed around Facebook. He writes about the “5 Best Toys of All Time.”

Like many a Sunday sermon, once I get the gist my mind wanders. I got the gist of “5 Best” after Best Toy #1 (spoiler alert: stick).

My mind moved from best toys to favorite toys. I pictured wood blocks and plastic ponies. With her blocks daughter Annie created castles to house the ponies she attired with tissues and pony-tail hairbands.

I then moved from favorite toys to favorite Christmas gifts.

My favorite Christmas gift of all time is this blue candle bowl. You can read why in “Susie says ‘Fear Not!’ a Reflection on Christmas Gift Giving,” my article in the December 2008 issue of Lutheran Woman Today (now known as Gather).

Full disclosure: Economic downturns, household downsizing and transition upheaval in the years since I wrote the article have turned my approach to Christmas gift-giving inside out. I just don’t Christmas shop anymore, at least not in the traditional go-to-the-store sense or in the buy-online sense.

For the past three Christmas seasons, I’ve given from the back of the closet and the bottom of the drawer. Last year I even sidestepped gift wrapping.  I put “From my Household to Yours” items in previously acquired tote bags…or lunch bags…or those cute “free gift with purchase” cosmetics bags.

I might, however, be in the market for a good stick.

Sue Edison-Swift

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3 Responses to Best Gift

  1. Ann Hafften says:

    I love these ideas, Sue. (And btw Laurel got that “best gifts” post from me.) I love giving gifts, but more and more often it’s a used book I noticed at a garage sale or a pot of steaming soup or stew. I don’t much enjoy shopping. And a laughed at your strategies for using recycled wrapping; I’m a veteran in that area. At an estate sale a year ago I came across a fat roll of old-school commercial grade Christmas gift wrap – the kind they once used at the hardware store or Ben Franklin. Everyone knows all my presents will be wrapped in this stuff for years to come, unless I can think of something better to do with it. I decided a few years ago to give heirloom gifts to my nieces and nephews when they graduate from college or experience some other landmark. It’s kind of a thrill. Best Advent hope to you! Ann

  2. Annie says:

    No sticks for Walter yet! He says he wants snuggles from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. Me, too!

  3. Kathleen West says:

    Always read your posts, Sue. Happy Advent and a Blessed Christmas to you and your entire family! I know it will be particularly blessed this year as first-time grandparents.

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