From your baby book


Paul, Sue and baby Annie with the book "Growing Up Free: Raising Your Child in the 80s"

March 28, 1981
(You are 10 weeks old)

Dearest Anne,

When we look down on your precious face, we are filled with many hopes and dreams for you.

We hope you will be a happy and loving person who will use her talents and skills to the fullest. We hope you will come to know and like yourself and those around you. We hope you will care for your body, mind and soul–respecting the life God gave you.

You are surrounded by lots of love, little Annie. All that love and care comes with an obligation to be all you can be. It is a tall order, but you have your whole life to work on it.

We’re looking forward to watching you grow and helping you develop. You have made us very happy, darling–have a wonderful future.

Love, Mom and Dad

2017 note: Happy birthday, Annie, we are so proud of you.


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