Let there be cake

Last week, Paul and I celebrated grandson Walter’s six-month birthday. There was cake.

Walter is an easy going, happy baby, as this video demonstrates. Even with pink eye and soon-to-be ear infections, Walter giggles. Walter is an off-the-chart amazing baby, as his mommy’s blog post verifies.

There was cake for our daughter’s half-year birthday, too.  Unlike Walter, Annie was not an easy-going baby. Her middle initial, “C,” could have stood for colic.

Parents of babies nearing their six-month milestone: let there be cake. Celebrate your amazing baby, surviving tough days and nights, and your hope for the months ahead.

Sue Edison-Swift

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  1. Kristin Koskinen says:

    I live a vicarious family life with you. Thanks for sharing the sweetness of your grandchild, those fleeting moments where all is right with the world.
    – Kris

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